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michel memeteau wrote:
On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 11:27 PM, Eugen Dedu <Eugen Dedu pu-pm univ-fcomte fr

Symmetric Nat is really Frequent in French DSL ISP modems ( Freebox and
neufBox I think )
I have some problems with my freebox v4 (in France) when I use its router
StunDetector:0x77b28950 OPAL    STUN server "" replies Port
Restricted NAT, external IP
StunDetector:0x5d697950 OPAL    STUN server "" replies Cone
NAT, external IP

This leads to think that it's a Cone NAT instead of a symmetric as I thought
( Port restricted in both cases if I'm right ) . Stun can traverse Cone NAT
so it "should " always work

This paragraph seems wrong: But why sometimes it shows Port restricted, and sometimes Cone? I thought that it tries to maintain the same port on the nat machine (which gives cone), but sometimes the port is occupied, so it uses another one (which gives port restricted). If this is true, then pure cone does not exist in reality, since it works only when the port is free on the nat machine.

I think I understand: the first time, it is port restricted (see for a glossary), since it really is port restricted. The second time, the nat machine has already done the association, so stun does not see it as port restricted anymore, but as cone nat. (More precisely, restricted cone I imagine, not full cone.)

Also, the presence does not work reliably, it seems that the freebox simply
drops some packets (!!??) Moreover, if I call 520, I do not receive the
callback (but I receive it in non router mode).

In non Router Mode (Bridge) , you only have one machine with the Public IP
addresse then everything works without any stun needed.


All freebox have a second SSID "" which allow only SIP traffic
to the SIP server. although it's on a seperate network, maybe the
iptables rules catch some packets from the local LAN network ?

I have SIP mode disabled.  Why does it drop packets (it seems)?

We should ask this question on

Ok, thanks.


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