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H.S. wrote:
Eugen Dedu wrote:
michel memeteau wrote:
On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 7:44 PM, Damien Sandras
<dsandras seconix com>wrote:

Anything special about those 10% cases where it does not work? Just
trying to get a clear picture here and perhaps avoid problems, or at
least minimize them.
See, in those cases, a simple port forwarding is enough.

Symmetric Nat is really Frequent in French DSL ISP modems ( Freebox and
neufBox I think ) , and as long as TURN ICE or Upnp support Won't be in
Ekiga , port forwarding will still be needed in a lot of cases which
usually to not recommends Ekiga to your granMother ( a Pity )
I have some problems with my freebox v4 (in France) when I use its
router mode.

For ex, its NAT is sometimes recognised differently:
snoopy:~$ ekiga-snapshot -d 5 2>&1|grep STUN
2009/03/04 23:21:03.471 0:05.735 StunDetector:0x77b28950 OPAL STUN server "" replies Port Restricted NAT,
external IP
2009/03/04 23:21:04.158 0:06.422 MonSock Created bundled UDP socket via STUN, internal=,
snoopy:~$ ekiga-snapshot -d 5 2>&1|grep STUN
2009/03/04 23:21:09.593 0:00.950 StunDetector:0x5d697950 OPAL STUN server "" replies Cone NAT, external IP
2009/03/04 23:21:10.156 0:01.513 MonSock Created bundled UDP socket via STUN, internal=,

Also, the presence does not work reliably, it seems that the freebox
simply drops some packets (!!??)

Moreover, if I call 520, I do not receive the callback (but I receive it
in non router mode).

Do you know more about this?  Do you have any pointer?  I have searched
on Internet without any useful information.


I am not familiar with freebox. What is non-router mode? Does freebox
have an adsl modem in it?

router mode = with nat; non router = you have only one computer, with the public ip
freebox connect people to Internet through adsl.


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