[Ekiga-list] two computers - work with echo test but not with each other

The computers are running Debian Lenny and Ubuntu Intrepid respectively, the Ubuntu box is an eeepc 900. They work with every echo test I've tried with video on test numbers that support it, but they won't talk to each other. The audio is missing... outgoing appears to work on each box judging from the varying audio levels shown when I speak, but incoming doesn't... like there's no incoming audio channel coming in to either installation. No remove video, either.

The Debian box is running ekiga stable uptodate 2.0.12-1+nmu1.
The Ubuntu box is running ekiga intrepid uptodate 2.0.12-0ubuntu5

BTW, I saw the person who posted about video problems with the eeepc and Xubuntu ... I am delighted to report that the Ubuntu installation using the Array.org EeePC Ubuntu Repository drivers works just fine. With the 500 ekiga org number, remote video shows up just fine on the eeepc.

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