Re: [Ekiga-list] Re (2): Ekiga 3.2.1 works in Debian Squeeze ...

peasthope shaw ca wrote:

Debian Squeeze, testing, had Ekiga 2.x until 2009-06-04 approximately. Updating at that time gave Ekiga 3.2.1.

At startup of 3.2.1 the Unibrain IEEE 1394 camera is not recognized.

3.2.1 receives a call from the Diamondcard telephone gateway.

When 3.2.1 is asked to connect an outbound call through the gateway, it tries; within a few milliseconds reports "Call completed" with no connection.

Send -d 4 output...

This is from the startup. No attempt to make a call yet.

Incidentally, there was a problem with my messages reaching the list. The multiple copies were meant to test something.

Please resend the whole output, and gzip it before. I can see only the last part of the output.

My system at work received incoming calls but could not initiate a call to a telephone via the Diamoncard gateway.

Perhaps more significantly, Ekiga remains unable to detect the Unibrain 1394 camera while Coriander has no trouble with it.

Do you have set the sip proxy on ekiga Preferences?


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