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On Tue, 2009-01-27 at 09:52 +0000, D Webb wrote:
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> > Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 09:49:42 +1300
> > Subject: Re: [Ekiga-list] New User Experience
> > 
> > Thanks for that, I'd be interested to know how you get on. Is that
> Ekiga
> > V2 or V3 on the Ubuntu CD? Ubuntu has an installer to put the live
> CD
> > onto a USB flash drive with persistent memory. If Ekiga will work of
> > that, that would be very useful.
> > 
> > I've just tried it on Debian Etch with similar results to Centos
> 5.1,
> > audio but no video. In fact it did not even detect the camera as a
> > camera only as a USB audio device even after installing V4L2. 
> > 
> > Barf
> I'll check the version and report this after I get a chance to 
> see if Ekiga makes reliable connects with this Ubuntu distro,
> although 
> I am pretty sure others here have reported on this recently. I do 
> wonder if your video prob is kernel config issue not related to
> Ekiga. 
> So far, when a webcam was not detected/working with Ekiga here on my 
> side, it was due solely to not compiling in the kernel support for
> the 
> webcam in the first place. I presume Ekiga has no video drivers of its
> own. 
> As for V4L2, I do not know this even matters. The driver module for 
> my Philips ToUcam webcam happens to be marked for compiling in the 
> kernel config file by default and gets loaded automatically, but this
> may 
> not be true for your webcam. Does any other application in your
> current 
> Debian or Centos installs find your webcam? Can you see if the driver 
> module loads (lsmod)? If not, you should look into configing your
> kernel 
> if the driver even exists in the kernel source, or search for a
> download 
> for a driver module. Even for my ancient webcam, I prefer to download
> a 
> more recent driver module because it offers higher resolution than
> the 
> kernel driver that comes with my Linux Slackware distro.
> Dee
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Thanks but I've just had a look, its V2. I shall have to have play with
that on a Flash Drive. Yes we USB Webcammers need our V4L and V4L2 as
well as uvc. I upgraded the Debian installation to Lenny RC1 which has a
2.6.26 kernel and it now finds my Webcam which works with Cheese but not
as yet with Ekiga.
For the benefit of anyone following this thread Ekiga 3 works on Fedora
10. If you are running an AMD64 flavour you need to install the I386
version of 'alsa-plugins-pulseaudio' and open the appropriate ports in
your firewall.


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