Re: [Ekiga-list] New User Experience

I just successfully launched Ekiga version integrated into
the Ubuntu LTS 8.04.1 CD. Ubuntu was not even installed,
just booted directly from the CD. I was not online so got a
error messsage that looked related to this. Ekiga found my
ancient Phillips USB ToUcam webcam without needing to
go through any configs in kernel or Ekiga. On this same box,
Ekiga definitely crashes under Linux Slackware 12.0 + Gnome.
On another machine connected network, that same Ubuntu CD,
again booted from the disk (not installed to HDD), also found
my network and I was online without any network configs.
Ekiga launched, but no one to connect to.

I will try in coming days to make some SIP connects between
Sweden and California and see if actual connections work. If
so, booting with the Ubuntu CD should prove a fast/easy way
to use Ekiga for people like me working on other Linux


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> Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 21:44:24 +1300
> Subject: [Ekiga-list] New User Experience
> Hi All,
> New user of Ekiga, some comments which may or not be helpful. First the
> positive comment, the video response is far better in linux than
> Windoze. It worked fine on the 2 Windoze machines I tried it on
> I had a frustrating time trying to get this to work on linux. As you
> know when starting out with something new you're never quite sure if its
> your hardware, software or the application that's not working. It did
> not help that the trouble shooting tips were for version 2 and mostly
> irrelevant to version 3.
> So I tried first on my main distro Fedora 10 X86-64. Got video but no
> audio, sometimes got a could not start device message sometimes not,
> after reading this list I removed pulse audio but still no audio (in or
> out). Sometimes would not start the camera and needed to log out/in to
> get it working again.
> Next Fedora 10 I386, same problem as above although I didn't remove
> pulse audio.
> Next Centos 5.1 i386, yaay, good audio both ways but no video probably
> not in the kernel.
> Next Open SUSE 11.1 x86-64 on a laptop, nothing worked errors for both
> audio and video devices , didn't try to tweak anything.
> Next (yes I have few linux machines) Fedora 8 i386. Success, it works,
> so now we can have confidence that Ekiga does work and can now try to
> get it to play nicely on the other machines
> I agree with the comments made else where in this list that a plugin to
> handle pulse audio is a must. At the end of the day how many people will
> be willing to maintain a machine with an old or degraded distro just to
> use Ekiga. Not too many I'd bet and fewer as time goes on.
> It would also be extremely helpful if you published a list of distros
> that Ekiga works on (without extensive hacking) and those it is known
> not to work on, such as any distro using pulse audio.
> Summary.
> When it did work it was very good but trying to get it to work was
> probably more effort than it was worth (about 16 manhours of fiddling
> and reading).
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