[Ekiga-list] compile Ekiga 3.1.0 in Kubuntu 8.10 and video codecs

hi, I compiled ekiga 3.1.0 with success in my Kubuntu 8.10 box (after a lot of 
dependencies but all was ok).  I had somes bugs, when i wont clean the call's 
history, ekiga was directly closed.  After somes test all was ok, but after a 
reboot and re-start ekiga, I needed re-enter all my information in the wizard 
configuration (like the first time) but was only once, now it's ok.  

and about the video codecs, by defaut there are only the H261 codec and 
even --enable-theora compile option i don't have this codec, how can I enable 
this codec?  and the others ones? 

thanks a lot for this work.. 


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