Re: [Ekiga-list] Yet an other post on Pulseaudio

There is a lot of information here -
For Audacity they suggest:

'Audacity can use OSS for sound input and sound output. By changing the 2 settings in preferences to /dev/dsp, and running audacity as

padsp audacity . . .'

or they talk about using pasuspender

'Using pasuspender to momentarily suspend pulseaudio is another way to use Audacity.

pasuspender -- audacity <argument> . . .'

And there is information about gnome setups etc. - I haven't tried any of this though so I can't say if it helps - it didn't help when I tried it with a problem with Audacity.


Andrea wrote:
Palo S. wrote:
I guess there is a way to switch it off but I don\'t
know how to do that. You can still remove it, test
Ekiga and then install it back, just to find out
whether it would solve the problem at all and then
try to find a way to witch pulseaudio off...


There is a way, although not 100% satisfactory and it is described here

but in my case (unless I forgot something) it leaves the default alsa device to point to a non
running pulseaudio, but selecting the hw device it is ok.

but yes, ekiga works better.... as we have always known :-)

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