Re: [Ekiga-list] PDU Write failed: Invalid argument

Le vendredi 02 janvier 2009 à 06:43 -0800, Middlecope a écrit :
> When starting Ekiga 2.0.12 on the KDE 4 desktop on a SUSE 11.0 machine
> I get an error registration failed.
> On the CL "ekiga -d 4" I get a lot of output.
> It looks quite okay but then I read  "PDU Write failed: Invalid argument"
> My NetGear router has the STUN and SIP ports open and redirect it to my
> computer.
> Firewall ON or OFF on my machine doesn't make any difference.
> A search on the error gave me a discussion from 2005 that was not helpfull
> Any suggestion how further to debug?

It seems to be a local firewall restriction or at least something
blocked by the OS.

Does Ekiga 3.00 give the same result ?
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