[Ekiga-list] Contacting admins at accounts ekiga net (?)

Dear list,

my apologies for the kind of off-topic post. I am trying to retrieve a
forgotten password and either the "Forgot Password" Service does not
send any replies to my address, or for some other reason they don't
reach their destination.

I've never successfully used Ekiga to be honest since some of the camera
models I tried to attach in my old laptop where not cooperating with
Ubuntu. Therefore I was stuck in Skype.

Now I have a new machine with a built-in webcam which works
out-of-the-box under Ubuntu II / 64-bit.

If some admin follows this list, please could you help me to retrieve my
_very_ old and forgotten password? I've already mailed at
accounts_at_ekiga_dot_net but I suspect that there might be a (generic)
problem with mails comming from @ekiga.net reaching my mailbox!?

My apologies again. Thanks, Nikos

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