Re: [Ekiga-list] PTLIB alsa plugin status

On Thu, 26 Feb 2009, Alec Leamas wrote:
But there *are* problems. A well behaved alsa driver should work better aganist pulse, other does. The hw buffer is way to large, 100 ms latency instead of ~50. No statistics. No rebuffering. But you have convinced on one, important point: it should be possible to enhance the driver with a set of smaller patches instead of a major rewrite. Such things are always easier.

And I have absolutely no intention to look under the hood in the opal framwork. I just found Andreas' posting, and realized that I had some odd experience in alsa which might be useful. And after looking into this, I still feel that a better alsa interface in Ekiga is really important to get better latency and quality, both of which are crucial in a voip context. Or?

BTW, are you the one which have an overall understanding the complete buffering scheme in Ekiga?

I understand the ptlib and opal side of things quite well.

I had a look at Ekiga, and read about the classes AudioInputCore and AudioInputManager. These Audio.... classes are necessary to deal with sound device insertion/deletion - such as inserting a USB headset. My first thought was that the OS (not the app) should deal with device insertion/deletion, but Alsa does not.
Pulse is supposed to deal with sound device insertion/deletion.
The ubuntu forums are full of people complaining about pulse.

There is no buffering mechanism in Ekiga that I saw.

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