Re: [Ekiga-list] A comparison ALSA-PULSE (long, addendum)


I'm a newbie here, and shouldn't really answer... but since nobody else does, I can share my thoughts. Which basically are that this looks fine, the Ekiga people focus on enhancing the alsa driver, you handle the new pulse plugin which obviously is needed. But let's hope someone of the elderly let us know what they think.

I presume you already have thought of this, but just in case... a few things I think would be nice in a new plugin interface:

- Event-driven model with callbacks matching e. g., pulse as an alternative
- A mechanism  to retrieve statistics  in a generic way from the connection.

Craig Southeren wrote:
To all

I have just noticed this thread. I wish someone had posted it on the Opal list, where Robert and I might have noticed it earlier :)

We are currently planning to add a new audio and video device plugin interface to Opal. This new multimedia device interface will be similar to the current codec API (allowing plugins to be written without PTLib) and will support additional functionality such as:

- support for devices that offer encoded media (such as pre-encoded video)

- support for devices that offer both audio and video.

One of the first plugins I intend to write is a new Pulse audio plugin, because Fedora uses pulseaudio by default, and I am sick of audio not working without lots of changes :)

I'd welcome comments from anyone on these plans


Derek Smithies wrote:
Perhaps it's PTLib underneath it? I really don't know, I'm just throwing
the idea out there!

 It is PTLib which contains the code to read from alsa.

Surely, the ideal is not to go via ALSA, but have ptlib directly talk to pulse. Thus, we need to write a ptlib plugin for pulse audio.

We know how ptlib plugins work. There are example plugins for alsa, esd, oss, sunaudio. The big question is writing a plugin for pulse.

What is involved in writing code that talks directly to pulse ?
Anyone know example code, or of the pulse api docs?

Please don't refer me to docs which say "just use alsa code". We are using alsa code, and that is why we are having this issue.


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