Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga beginner questions

Palo S. <palos post sk> writes:

>> Anything special about those 10% cases where it does not work? Just trying
>> to get a clear picture here and perhaps avoid problems, or at least minimize
>> them.
> symmetric NAT, broken router SIP support, port forwarding
> conflicts...

I've been fascinated that since forwarding UDP 5060-5100 at my router to
the machine I use Ekiga from, my separate Broadvoice SIP phone (behind
the same NAT) still works okay - netstat-nat is currently reporting,

udp   broadvoice.mtbc.internal:sip             ASSURED    

I wonder how they do it. The Broadvoice box /stops/ working if I turn on
the Linux 2.6 CONFIG_NF_NAT_SIP kernel option on the router, though I
wondered if that option would help Ekiga or not.


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