Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga beginner questions

> Anything special about those 10% cases where it does not work? Just trying
> to get a clear picture here and perhaps avoid problems, or at least minimize
> them.

symmetric NAT, broken router SIP support, port forwarding

> >
> > > 4. Can it be used on Linux (Debian, Ubuntu), Windows and also on Mac
> > > OSX?
> >
> > Not Mac OSX.
> >
> Any alternative?

Any SIP client for voice talks. Check out this page 
for other functionalities:
Also note that (as far as I know) Ekiga for Windows
is still beta. 

Based on my experiences, Ekiga is a great piece of
software but it is not prepared to replace Skype/
Yahoo Mess on a larger scale mainly due to NAT issues, 
poor non-Linux platform support + some long-term 
video and presence related problems. 


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