Re: [Ekiga-list] Handling of old-fashioned phone numbers


I think you did a great job. Comments inside.

Le samedi 21 février 2009 à 17:27 +0100, Alec Leamas a écrit :
> Basically, I think this should not reside in a frontend like 
> ekiga-callto, which is more like a prototype. There are some good 
> reasons to integrate into the core application:
> - To make this functionality available also on Windows it's propably 
> much better to have it in Ekiga. A dependency on gtk-python is actually 
> not that nice in this environment (as opposed to Linux, where it's 
> readily available from repos).
> - Integrating it into Ekiga should make it possible to use the same 
> logic for numbers stored in PIM databases (e. g., Evolution)  which 
> typically lacks countrycode. ( see 
> - Configuration becomes easier when the list of available accounts is 
> could be accessed.
> - The many steps and windows used by frontend + Ekiga is, taken 
> together, not a really nice UI. To integrate it into current UI should 
> give a much better user experience.
> The ability to handle the everyday numbers we have around us is actually 
> crucial for everyday use. This is an area where Skype shines. So should 
> also Ekiga!
> The najor drawback as I see it is to introduce still more configuration, 
> based on the idea that numbers should be expanded in a country-based 
> context. On the other hand default values could be provided which should 
> be fine for almost all users. And the idea that numbers are local to a 
> country is intuitive and should not pose a problem for users.
> And, of course, there is work. But having a prototype is a start. I see 
> most of the difficulties in modifying the UI. Actually, I havn't any 
> real ideas about this...

If you do the back-end (as you have the most experience), we can do the
GUI (for Ekiga 3.4). Does that sound like a good idea for you?
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