[Ekiga-list] Handling of old-fashioned phone numbers

Basically, I think this should not reside in a frontend like ekiga-callto, which is more like a prototype. There are some good reasons to integrate into the core application:

- To make this functionality available also on Windows it's propably much better to have it in Ekiga. A dependency on gtk-python is actually not that nice in this environment (as opposed to Linux, where it's readily available from repos). - Integrating it into Ekiga should make it possible to use the same logic for numbers stored in PIM databases (e. g., Evolution) which typically lacks countrycode. ( see http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/API::GmContact::PhoneNumbers) - Configuration becomes easier when the list of available accounts is could be accessed. - The many steps and windows used by frontend + Ekiga is, taken together, not a really nice UI. To integrate it into current UI should give a much better user experience.

The ability to handle the everyday numbers we have around us is actually crucial for everyday use. This is an area where Skype shines. So should also Ekiga!

The najor drawback as I see it is to introduce still more configuration, based on the idea that numbers should be expanded in a country-based context. On the other hand default values could be provided which should be fine for almost all users. And the idea that numbers are local to a country is intuitive and should not pose a problem for users.

And, of course, there is work. But having a prototype is a start. I see most of the difficulties in modifying the UI. Actually, I havn't any real ideas about this...

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