[Ekiga-list] Can not connect to echo server

Today I compiled the Ekiga out of the svn tree all three components. The
build was made on a suse 11.1 and ran without any problems.

However when I tried to connect to the echo server it fails. I seems to
me that the listner fails for some reasons ?

Any thought what I have done wrong, the firewall rules are in place.



The ekiga -d 1 shows:

2009/02/06 10:09:53.221   0:03.707                              GConf
support enabled
2009/02/06 10:09:53.221   0:03.708                              ESound
support disabled
2009/02/06 10:09:54.924   0:05.410      Opal Liste...0xb49a4b90 Listen
UDP read error.
2009/02/06 10:09:54.944   0:05.430                              PWLib
Destroyed thread 0x83549f0 Opal Listener:0xb49a4b90(id = 0)
2009/02/06 10:09:55.083   0:05.569                              PWLib
Destroyed thread 0x8366f30 Opal Listener:0xb4963b90(id = 0)

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