[Ekiga-list] Chiat, Ekiga3 kde 8.04 issues makefiles India BerkeleyTIP Feb 7 was- Re: [nylug-talk] assistance with free-ing educational text btg

Hi Chaitanya!   :)

I am actually right now, just as I received this from you, in the middle
of _re-writing_ my reply to your _last_ email.  <8-0

I wrote you a great reply, & then apparently with all the things I have
to do I must have forgotten to send it, & that reply is now gone
forever.  :(  I am so sad.  :(

Anyway, I'm so slow at writing emails, but my _re-written_ reply is half
finished, & so I'm going to try to finish that first, so I'll be back up
to zero level, & then work forward from there.  :)

The reason I'd noticed my _last_ email to you had disappeared is because
I was about to write you a _new_ email asking how you are progressing,
and to see if maybe we can try a test VOIP conference sometime early
this week, so we can work out any bugs that might exist in having you
connect to our ekiga.net VOIP conference server channel from India,
before the Feb 7 meeting.

So, thank you to you for this email from you, for keeping on top of
things,  :)

As you saw in my reply to Boris below, we've successfully had people
connect to our VOIP conference from the East, North, & West continental
USA, plus Hawaii, out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  But it will
be a likely big step forward to get you connected from halfway around
the world.  :)  -   Hopefully an _easy_ big step.  :)

It is very late at night here, _way_ long past  my bedtime.  But, I
thought it was important to get the _re-written_ email out to you
tonight before I go to bed.  So, it will probably not be until 12-18
hours from now that I can start to think about the issues you have just
raised in this email of yours, &  write a reply.

OK, so you have some makefiles  issues to be resolved - please email me
back, & be sure to include sending to the BTIP list, & tell us more
details about what you want to talk about, & what your suggestion is for
solving the problem.  :)

Besides myself,  there are several very capable people on the BTIP list
who are also able to help all of us together find solutions to any
problems that come up - in particular I'll mention to you David, Daniel,
Windsor & Chris.  :)

BTIP members - if you have suggestions for Chaitanya, please jump right
in with them.  :)

THanks C., & best wishes.  :)

On Mon, 2 Feb 2009 16:08:48 +0530, "chaitanya mehandru"
<chinku linux gmail com> said:
> Hi, I already joined the list and said 'Hi'. My name is Chaitanya
> Mehandru.
> I am currently half way through building ekiga 3 on kde 8.04. Some issues
> with the Makefiles to be resolved. Can we talk about this in advance..? I
> have build the opal and ptlib successfully.
> Thanks,
> Chaitanya Mehandru
> On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 3:24 PM, john_re <john_re fastmail us> wrote:
> > Hi Boris :)
> >
> > Pliant looks interesting :)
> >
> > We at the BerkeleyTIP global monthly meeting are working toward having
> > remote persons give talks for the meeting.  We've already successfully
> > used a VOIP conference server for several months, & have had attendees
> > from NorthCarolina, Michigan, Washington State & Hawaii.
> > This month we might have a talk about Ekiga 3 given from India.

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