Re: [Ekiga-list] Ubuntu packages for Ekiga 3.0 (Gutsy, Hardy and Intrepid)

Le mardi 30 septembre 2008 à 10:53 +0200, Martin Kurtz a écrit :
> Hello again,
> i just retried, the installation works without complains. (ok, he had to
> remove ubuntu-desktop meta-package...)
> In the options menus i can find all audio and video devices.
> But, I cannot place any calls.
> In accounts, it tells connected.
> Sometimes it complained about network errors, i should manually edit the
> forwarding options.
> Well, i am using university-net, we have a local network, which provides
> the voip-services. To connect to the world, we use a ppp vpn connection.
> I made to debug stage 4 ekiga runs. First one with the vpn connection
> off, second on. Where can I send them to? The mailinglist complained about the mail's size.

Pastebin is a good solution.

Make sure to describe your problem clearly.
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