Re: [Ekiga-list] The man's got problems

At 2008-09-28 17:26+0200, Damien Sandras <dsandras seconix com> sent:

The problem is this :
2008/09/28 10:22:28.272   0:04.384      StunDetector:0xb3c04b90 STUN
STUN server unexpectedly went offline.

In one of the logs, it detects symmetric NAT.

Is there something specific to your NAT router ? Don't you get a popup
telling you there is a NAT problem ?

My computer is connected directly to my cable modem, and iptables -L -t nat is empty, so I'm baffled as to how Ekiga thinks I'm being NAT'd. I don't get any popups.

Is it possible that there's some latent configuration hanging around from my old Ekiga 2 installation that's confusing Ekiga 3?


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