[Ekiga-list] The man's got problems

Hello friendly list,

I've eagerly upgraded to Ekiga 3.0 and, after running the configuration druid (and re-entering all my account info by hand from the old ekiga.conf), suddenly find myself with troubles. My ekiga.net account gives a "Could not register(Timeout)" status, and while my sip.diamondcard.us account will register, making calls doesn't seem to work at all---I click the green phone button, and Ekiga just sits there until I click the red phone button.

Things I've tried: lowering my firewall (although it used to work with my firewall up before), killing all other sound-making apps (although my default audio devices in ALSA are dmix and dsnoop), making sure ekiga.net isn't down (the web server isn't, at any rate), double-checking all my passwords, reading the man page, scouring the wiki, restarting Ekiga, rebooting my machine, and praying.

Can anyone help?


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