Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga-list Digest, Vol 26, Issue 31

> Le samedi 27 septembre 2008 ? 08:03 -0600, JCA a ?crit :
>> > Le jeudi 25 septembre 2008 ? 11:27 -0600, JCA a ?crit :
>> >> I have upgraded to Ekiga 3.0 and, much to my dismay, the info I
>> >> had in my address book is gone. I still have the names, but not the
>> >> phone numbers. Are they really gone for good, or can they be at all
>> >> retrieved?
>> >
>> > If you right click, doesn't it give you the option to call using the
>> > phone number ?
>>   No. I get a menu with four items: Edit, Remove, Refresh and New
>> Contact. When selecting Edit I get another window containing boxes for
>> Name, VoIP URI, Home phone, Office phone, Cell phone and Pager - but,
>> with the exception of Name, the boxes are empty. The numbers I had
>> under Ekiga 2.0.12 are gone :-(
> Those numbers are stored in Evolution's addressbook. If they
> disappeared, there are three possibilities :
> 1) you were running the non-Gnome version and now you are running the
> Gnome version of Ekiga
> 2) the opposite
> 3) a bug in evolution-data-server

   I compiled both versions of Ekiga with the same arguments:

./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var
--disable-static --enable-dbus --mandir=/usr/man --program-prefix=

According to config.log, Gnome is enabled in both cases.

> But Ekiga still works the same regarding the phone numbers. They are
> even stored in an external entity. So there is no risk of loosing them.
> The only different thing is that they are not displayed by default, you
> have to right-click...

      Right-click where? When I do so on some entry in the Address
Book I just get the four choices I mentioned early on - no phone
number. Another issue: Quite often, when trying to make a PC-to-Phone
call using the Diamondcard service Ekiga just freezes, apparently
unable to contact the server. The only recourse left is to kill the
ekiga process from the command line. Version 2.0.12 never froze on me,
I never had to kill it from the command line.

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