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   You mention the IXJ driver.. Which implies linux..

I worked on a rewrite of the IXJ driver and called it nixj.

IXJ contains horrible races, and is not SMP safe.

IXJ has been ported to the 2.6 kernel series. I think it is fair to say that the driver has been ported to the 2.6 kernel api, but not tested.

If you want to use nixj - you will do best with redhat 9.0 kernel..
 nixj was developed on rh9.

the quicknet cards were horrible for sound quality. They did not have the dynamic range of a normal sound card. I was once involved in a commercial project with quicknet cards. The cards were connected to an external mic&speaker. Users had to be careful to speak at the right volume. too loud or too quiet - and the card did not pick up the audio, or garbled it.
Replaced quicknet cards with cheap sound cards - much better.
Users could whisper - or shout - and the audio still got through..

So - why do you want to use quicknet cards?
 *Ability to do g729 or g723?
   Get a software codec - they are available for linux.
 *Ability to do DTMF decoding?
   The cards were not reliable - I had cases where it gave an answer
    that was 1 less than correct..
   ptlib has dtmf detection routines that work just fine.

One last thing:
 The card does not generate interrupts. The driver has to busy check for
 audio packets from the card. You will get gaps in the audio.

I am sorry, but quicknet is a bad way to go. Very Very Very Very bad.


On Fri, 14 Nov 2008, clif eugeneweb com wrote:


I've been looking for a somewhat current SIP client for the old Quicknet cards which are still supported in the Linux kernel via the IXJ driver. Ohphone still supports them but that is H323, and I would prefer to use SIP. I see that once upon a time Ekiga/Gnomeeting had drivers for these cards, could someone point me at that code or perhaps another sip project that still supports them? I'm just looking for the endpoint SW not a PBX so Asterix would be a little bit overkill for me.

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