[Ekiga-list] Connection issues through T-Online


I have been trying to help a friend in Germany set up Ekiga on Win32, through an "unkown NAT" as reported by the configuration wizard.

We have correctly defined port farwarding for TCP/UDP ports 5000-5100, but he still fails to register correctly with ekiga.net (the account & password are fine). We have not defined any SIP proxy, or STUN server whatsoever.

The output of -d 4 or -d 5 shows that we get 401/Unauthorized errors... against T-Online's servers. This occurs with either IP translation or "nothing" for NAT in Ekiga.

It looks like there is some sort of transparent proxying going on here.

Is there a German user around that could help us getting Ekiga up & running, or is this a pure ISP issue ?

We have also raised the request with T-Online's support and are awaiting for an answer.


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