[Ekiga-list] not registered

I have Ekiga on Ubuntu 8.04 installed on 64bit dual core system. I have gotten my sip number .but Ekiga reads ( standby and registered accounts 0 ). I registered on line and tried again in accounts but accounts show registration failed. There is another problem, that may be involved, in first time registration window. I am using default audio input and outputbut did not get any sound return when speaking into microphone. My son looked me up by my sip and found me there so that would seem to indicate ,I guess, that I am registered but was unable to call me. I have a realtech microphone that is plugged in. I tried sound recorder and it does not record from the mic. OOps went to volume control and found front mic turned off. Tturn it on and now can record sound. But still need help with Ekiga. Thanks for any help anyone can give. Doug

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