Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga audio codec questions

yannick wrote:

Can you both try to disable Echo cancellation ?


After doing this, we both found that the CPU usage was significantly reduced, and SPEEX wideband is now usable, although when he speaks there are occasional small gaps. Neither of us noticed any negative effects from disabling echo cancellation, but we are both using headsets, so maybe it's unnecessary. I noticed that at my end there were about 7% lost packets, but no late packets, and the jitter buffer was about 300-400 ms. At his end, he only saw about .1% lost packets and no late packets, and his jitter buffer was less than 100 ms. Is it normal for there to be lost packets but no late packets?

Also, he tried the echo tests at sip:500 ekiga net and sip:613 fwd pulver com, both before and after disabling echo cancellation. In either case, his audio breaks up at the ekiga site, but not at the pulver site.

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