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Can you both try to disable Echo cancellation ?


Le mardi 01 juillet 2008 à 17:21 -0400, Andre Robatino a écrit :
> I and my father recently started using Ekiga to communicate.  Both of us 
> are using Fedora 9 with Ekiga 2.0.12 from the Fedora repo.  My machine 
> has a 2.53 GHz Celeron D CPU, his is a 1.1 GHz AMD Duron.  We started 
> out using the default setup, so both of us were using the wideband 
> SPEEX.  My audio sounded good to him, but his was severely broken up. 
> After trying several codecs, we settled on iLBC as the only codec which 
> allows his audio to be reasonably intelligible to me.
> First, I had him switch the order of his top two codecs, so the first 
> was iLBC and the second was SPEEX wideband.  My own codecs were the 
> defaults.  If I called him, then SPEEX was used both incoming and 
> outgoing.  If he called me, then iLBC was used for both.  It doesn't 
> seem to make sense that which codecs get used depends on who calls who. 
>   Is there a reason for this, or is it just a bug?  Is there some way 
> for my outgoing audio to be SPEEX, and his outgoing audio to be iLBC, in 
> the same call?  So far I have never seen the incoming and outgoing 
> codecs in a given call be different.
> Finally we decided that it was best for him to put his codecs back in 
> the original order, but to uncheck the SPEEX wideband.  This results in 
> iLBC being used in both directions, regardless of which of us originates 
> the call.
> We tried using top to see how much CPU was being used with the various 
> codecs, in the hope of discovering the cause of his choppy audio.  The 
> SPEEX wideband and the iLBC each use up something around 60% of his CPU, 
> despite the fact that iLBC sounds much less choppy.  I was amazed that 
> processing audio would require this much.  Is this an expected amount 
> for a 1.1 GHz CPU, and could it be the cause of the choppy audio for SPEEX?
> I know that Fedora 9 has a lot of sound-related issues, and that may 
> have something to do with it.  Unfortunately, I know next to nothing 
> about sound on Linux.
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