[Ekiga-list] problem make a CALL using ekiga

i'm using ekiga as client sip. i have to make a call using a special server called YATE. so the SCENARIO is:
laptop 1: yate as server, ekiga as client sip
laptop 2: wengphone as client sip
when i try to make a call form ekiga to wengophone that's all right. when i try to make a call from wengophone to ekiga there's a problem. using wireshark i noted that wengo send a INVITE MESSAGE to yate and the yate forward the INVITE MESSAGE to ekiga. so a 100 trying message is changed between yate and ekiga and so ekiga responds with the MOVED TERMPORARILY MESSAGE.
i configured ekiga using listen_port 5062 but the message are exchanged on the listen_port 5061. maybe this is the problem that don't allow the call is forwarded??
sorry for my english.
i hope someone can help me.
thaks guys.

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