[Ekiga-list] A couple ekiga annoyances

I've been using Ekiga for all my telephone needs for the last few months. It's going well. A couple things have been irking me about it:

1) If I need to correct a phone number (i.e. to add 00 to the beginning of it), even if I put the cursor at the beginning after the sip:, ekiga still places any numbers I type at the END of the phone number!

2) If I cancel a call, sometimes ekiga refuses to accept my numberic keystrokes in the sip: box, and instead tries to send them as DTMF, even though the connection is broken. When it gets stuck like that, the only way to fix it is to quit ekiga and wait and then relaunch it.

3) The sip won't take - or () characters, making it really difficult to cut and paste phone numbers in to call. I was hoping to just type "sip:00" and then paste and have ekiga dial the number, but alas it does not. I wrote a little sed one-liner to get around this but it'd be nice if ekiga could strip out illegal characters like - and () and spaces.

I'm using ekiga  2.0.3-6+b1 on Debian sid. Overall, it's been extremely useful.

Anyway, if there are workarounds or bug fixes for these annoyances, please let me know.


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