Re: [Ekiga-list] No sound from Ekiga


Le jeudi 17 janvier 2008 à 11:34 -0700, Joseph Comfort a écrit :
> Hi,
> Hmmmmm.  Very curious.  My computers are all on the same LAN/subLAN,
> with static IPs.
> But I think I have found the answer.  It is the FastStart.  It was on in
> ekiga, but off in gnomemeeting.  I don't recall ever changing whatever
> the configuration was when I installed the programs.  I don't know what
> FastStart is, so I wouldn't fuss with it.  I will have a full
> operational test later today, but the behavior looks good now.  I could
> not find anything about FastStart at, but it may be there
> somewhere.

It changes the startup procedure. It is incompatible with Netmeeting,
but it should not give that kind of problem...
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