Re: [Ekiga-list] Debian packages

Rick Pasotto wrote:
gnome-desktop-environment depends on ekiga (>= 2.0.12)

Since 'aptitude install ekiga-snapshot' removes ekiga,
gnome-desktop-environment becomes BROKEN and the installation
would REMOVE 47 other packages.

As far as I'm concerned, this means that ekiga-snapshot is NOT

I think that the problem is that the version number for ekiga-snapshot
is 0-20081220-1 which is less than 2.0.12. Perhaps if the version number
were changed to something greater that 2.0.12 (eg, 3-20081220-1) then
the problem would go away.


Increasing the version of ekiga-snapshot does not work.

There are two solutions:
- either stay as we are now. Note that only gnome-desktop-environment is removed (+old pwlwib/opal), not 47 packages!! - or do not use ekiga-snapshot anymore, but ekiga (while ptlib and opal are still named -snapshot, to avoid soname problems). Note that this will not be intrusive or conflict with debian package, because the version will be carefully chosen.

What do people prefer??


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