Re: [Ekiga-list] 473 Filtered destination

> This reply is internally generated by the blacklists core - the 
> destination IP address was blacklisted (maybe due a 50x or timeout 
> to previous response). This is a self-protection mechanism to prevent 
> sending requests to destination already detected as unresponsive.
> I have disabled it.

Great, thanks! So one reason of the inability to make calls
should be gone now, however doing today\'s Christmas calls,
I found myself again not able to make a call and this time
Kamailio returned \"480 Offline\" (repeatedly). I am sure 
though that the other side was online and registered because 
I again watched it via VNC. I have the logfile from the caller 
but I was not able to say more from it:
Maybe a log from the called side would say more but I don\'t
have that. The problem was fixed by restarting Ekiga on both

At least one thing makes sense now: I mentioned that 
sometimes restart of Ekiga fixes the problem and sometimes
not - then it disappears by itself after some time.
Now it becomes very likely that the former corresponds 
to 480 Offline and the latter to 473 Filtered destination
(from openSER list I found that once blacklisted, the
server always returns 473 for limited amount of time)


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