Re: [Ekiga-list] 473 Filtered destination

Le mercredi 24 décembre 2008 à 01:53 +0100, Palo S. a écrit :
> Recently, it happened to me several times that I could not 
> initialize a call although I knew for sure that the other 
> side was online. Also, I got similar complaints from others
> not able to reach me by Ekiga but when they used eg 
> Ekiga->my other SIP client they reached me fine. Sometimes
> (but not always) this problem was be fixed by restarting 
> Ekiga on both sides, sometimes it fixed \"itself\" after 
> some longer time...
> I managed to catch a d4 log from one of these cases:
> It says that Kamailio returns \"473 Filtered destination
> (473/TM)\" to to the caller right after the caller sends
> INVITEs. Then the call fails with \"Local user cleared
> the call\". What does this filtered destination mean?
> Is Kamailio blacklisting the users from some reason?

This reply is internally generated by the blacklists core - the 
destination IP address was blacklisted (maybe due a 50x or timeout 
to previous response). This is a self-protection mechanism to prevent 
sending requests to destination already detected as unresponsive.

I have disabled it.
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