Re: [Ekiga-list] output of "ekiga -d 4 > output.txt 2>&1" for failed call attempt

Damien Sandras wrote:
Le jeudi 18 décembre 2008 à 14:50 -0500, Andre Robatino a écrit :
Attached is output.txt when my father attempts to call me. We are both using Fedora 10 with ekiga-3.0.1-4.fc10 from the Fedora repo. We have identical PCs, USB headsets, and webcams. He has a symmetric NAT router, and I have a port restricted NAT router. The call drops after a few seconds without audio or video ever being established. Each of us can make normal echo test calls.

With Symmetric NAT, it can not work. You really need to do something so
that it is not a Symmetric NAT. Perhaps port forwarding or something

Are you also 100% sure your router does not support SIP ?

His router is a Motorola 2210-02-1006 which is what AT&T is providing now for new DSL customers. With Ekiga 2.0.12, it was initially detected as a symmetric NAT router, and he could call me, but I couldn't reach him. After putting in the port triggering rule, it was detected as a port restricted NAT router, and we could connect in both directions. Now, with Ekiga 3, we can't communicate in either direction (except for a brief connection without audio or video when he calls me). Nothing has changed except for Fedora 9 -> 10 and Ekiga 2 -> 3.

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