Re: [Ekiga-list] No Sound

Le samedi 06 décembre 2008 à 20:00 -0500, Bill Collins a écrit :
> I have spent considerable time researching the sound problem to no
> avail. I now turn
> to the true experts. I have listed as much as I know to help. If more
> is needed
> please advise. Also I'm a beginner at this.
> tia
> Bill Collins
> Dell Inspiron B130  1 gb ram
> Ubuntu 8.04.1  GNOME ekiga 2.0.12
> Sound works perfectly well for movies and music.
> Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000
> Video works perfectly well. No sound. Using default audio input and
> output but 
> did not get any sound return when speaking into microphone. Did "Test
> 1 2 3 Ekiga Rocks" Nothing comes back.

Open your mixer (gnome-mixer or another one) and make sure that the
recording source is set to the Mic entry. Your problem is a simple mixer
settings related problem.
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