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Or the US of A where the Patriot requires all US companies no matter which country they operate in to supply on demand all info they have about their customers. At same time the company is forbidden to inform customers that this info was requested.

I'm glad I left Germany; however living in Canada is becoming just as bad with the G.W Bush clone as prime minister.

Lets not get political now, we are being listen in, by the CSIS, CIA, NSA, BND,MI5 -9, HLS, and possibly my mother-in-law. :-D

Rene Bartsch wrote:
I strongly WELCOME ZRTP support in ALL VoIP apps, including this one.
just taking a long, long time.

So I do, too.

In Europe all communication providers (ISPs, VSPs, SMS, Email, ...) must
store connection data (IP, Phone number, timestamps, etc) of connection
source and target for at least six month. All german international calls
are parsed for keywords automatically.

And you have commercial interests. Selling user profiles is quite a good
business in these days. So why not adding adds personalized by keywords
parsed from the voice stream? Or sell information to competing companies?
Or spy on cheating spouses? .........................

Deutsche Telekom AG, parent company of T-Mobile, even recorded and
evaluated private calls and communication of journalists, lawyers and
their own managers to find a whistle blower by hiring former STASI-spies.
German government is currently awaiting the prosecutor's results to adjust
the data privacy law. If you can understand German there's a funny satiric
music video about it at ''
and a satiric commercial at

Lufthansa evaluated passenger data of journalists to find a whistleblower,

And there's just been another scandel in Germany in which call center
employees have sold five million sets of personal data including bank
account data. The result is that thousands now have contracts they never
made or plundered bank accounts.

And don't forget totalitarin countries like China, etc.

>From that point of view the statement "We don't need ZRTP" is quite naive :(

Have phun with spying ;)


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