Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] gstreamer error on Windows

Le 04/02/2014 14:13, Eugen Dedu a écrit :
On 04/02/14 13:57, Thierry Simonnet wrote:
Using your Makefile with native Win7 Professional 32bits :
It compiles... but;-)

Your "but" means that the following points do not apply to your packaging?  Or do you too have them?
I only test your version. Mine is quite different (patched version of opal and ptlib, clutter 1.16, specific addons).
I will update my Makefile to make some tests.

   * on console window : CRITICAL : gst_app_src_push_buffer_full: assertion
     `GST_APP_SRC <appsrc>' failed. I have not this error when using my (heavy)
     script. I hesitate : package version or compilation trouble.

I think you have the same error, but you do not see it because you do not show the console, as I do in my Makefile.

I will modify my Makefile to check
   * windows with a message saying that it is unable to use accelerated video,
     then no display.

You have the same error, doesn't you?
I have the same error.

   * main frame buttons are not working (to test camera). I need to use

Do you mean the toolbar (icons) in the call window?
Yes. To display the video, I have to use menu. I also have the same trouble.

   * no video (white screen)

You do not have either, isn't it?
Unfortunately, yes. Could be the result of gst_app error.

   * Good point : more compact package.


Thierry Simonnet


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