Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Real Issue is Opal::Call virtual table missing

Le 07/01/2013 17:21, Lorin Melander a écrit :
In other word the redial is not reliable.  I observed the libnotify
tries to access the Opal::Call at second answer then pure virtual
method crash.
I notice call->hungup and call->answer both have same problem.
The boost library should have help the libnotify to follow the Opal::Call.

I do not know why the libnotify to reach Ekiga::Call which is pure
virtual class.

At first call->whatever_method() works, then call->whatever_method() fails with vtable missing: isn't it a clear indication that somewhere in-between the "call" object has been destroyed, and hence is invalid?

Is that call object correctly managed through a correct smart pointer?


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