Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Real Issue is Opal::Call virtual table missing

Le 07/01/2013 16:22, Lorin Melander a écrit :
I observed the Virtual Table of Opal::Call is missing at second answer
or hungup.
First answer
(gdb) print *call
$1 = {_vptr.Call = 0xb7e7d660<vtable for Opal::Call+256>
Ekiga answers successfully.

2nd answer
(gdb) print *call
$1 = {_vptr.Call = 0x33352020,
Ekiga crashs with pure virtual method.

The second answer or hungup will have pure virtual method crash since
the *call could not find Opal::Call.

Doesn't that mean that the *call object is partially destructed already?

I notice that the boost::bind or boost::signal is not really reliable
following the Opal::Call object.

Could you explain what that sentence means?


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