Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] genghiskhan gmx ca

On 29/09/12 14:21, Genghis Khan wrote:

In addition to the Audio Settings dialog (Change the volume of your
soundcard) I would like to see the volume level (input and output) in
the left or right side of the audio/video call window since I almost
always open it.

Well, you can open that dialog and just let it opened. The goal is to reduce the number of components shown in the call window, for simplicity/readability. Elsewhere, you can also add Forward URI, show slides or video (this is development currently), show local/remote video etc. This is a GUI question, I let others give us their impression too.

We are a bit reluctant to changes because if we change easily the GUI, each time there will be a person to say: it is better like this, and another person later saying: no, it is better like that...

Also drawing a new color of volume level:
[Blue][              Green              ][    Yellow    ][    Red    ]

Blue   = Silent
Green  = Optimized
Yellow = Noisy
Red    = Too Loud

Question: Is the dynamic green indicator is changing color if it
reaches to the red area?

If not then it would be nice to have it changing colors according to
the area in which the volume is at.

It is not possible by default, since nothing like this is shown at We could however change the colour during slider movement. It is a good idea, I will look into it later. The question is that we do not know the values/borders between blue/red etc.


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