Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] genghiskhan gmx ca

On 29/09/12 11:52, Genghis Khan wrote:

Linphone has a debug box at "Help/Show debug window" and so should
Ekiga have this feature.

If you do this, I suggest to make a button that will archive this debug
report to a Gzip archive (maybe another format for Windows users) so it
will be easier to send in email.

[Send] [Save] [Clear] [Close]

Save would save to:
ekiga_debug-yyyy-mm-dd.txt.gz if the needed archiving program presented.
ekiga_debug-yyyy-mm-dd.txt if there is no archiving program available.

Send would do the same as Save and it will open an Email client with
the file attached only if it is archived or is not exceeding a certain
size. Which mailing-list is the best appropriate in most cases?
ekiga-devel or ekiga-users?

Related: [Ekiga-list] Add a menu entry of "ekiga -d 4" output

Yes, I will look into it once major bugs are settled.


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