[Ekiga-devel-list] Beta release

For your information, ekiga team agreed to do a beta release in two days. The new stable release should appear next month. Feel free to test it, I consider it overall (much) better than last stable release, 3.2.7.

Here is the NEWS file, compared to ekiga unstable 3.3.2:

* Changes in ekiga 3.9.90 (2012-08-20)
** Major user-visible fixes
- Major overhaul of the main window
- Auto-answering to calls (in 3.3.0 in fact)
- Add a new page in assistant with an introduction to accounts
- Unregister accounts when quitting
- Speed up startup by not getting canonical name of servers
- Partial support of H.239
- Speed up registration when packets get lost
- Use optimised flags for H.264 video decoder
- Limit history book to 100 entries, fixing some crashes
- Improvements to the still experimental loudmouth plugin
- Fix chat messages are received several times if several network interfaces
- Set presence to offline upon quitting
- Blacklist NSE, fixing registration with some registrars, such as Eutelia
- Canonise address introduced when adding/editing a contact in roster
- Use gnome icons instead of ekiga's own
- Some fixes on online/offline presence
- Disable IPv6 by default, which caused some problems (will be enabled later)
- Fix a race condition in PulseAudio plugin
** Protocol fixes
- Fixes for Contact field during registration:
  - Use two additional compatibility mode for some bogus registrars
  - Fix order of items in Contact field
- Fix presence with asterisk
- Fixes on INVITE packets in some corner cases
- Fix own presence stopping to be sent after some time
- Fix loading of codecs without an encoding name, e.g. MS-IMA-ADPCM
- Use SIP OPTIONS to refresh NAT bindings
- Numerous other fixes, especially on H264 support
** Windows port fixes
- Fix crash when using gdb
- Support mingw-w64 and its own headers for building
- Reduce startup time (explicitly precise plugin directory)
- Other miscellaneous improvements on building
** Build fixes
- Add arm-linux-gnueabihf (armhf) and GNU/Hurd support
- Support current libav/ffmpeg libraries
- Fix compile errors with gcc 4.7
- Fix boost detection on some 64 bit machines
- Support new API of Evolution-Data-Server 3.5.3 too
- Fix error when linking with -Wl,--as-needed
** Translation updates

Check http://git.gnome.org/browse/ekiga/plain/NEWS to see the changes to ekiga 3.2.7, I will write them a bit later.


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