[Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga address book searching by URI


I'm trying to implement one feature which possible would be useful for ekiga users and at the moment is neccesary for 

When being called the incoming call should be matched with the Ekiga address book. If there is a similar record in the 
address book of ekiga available, it should be shown in the incoming call popup window. In other words if SIP caller 
matches one entry in the address book, then it's name should be displayed using this entry. 

I've checked the sources and found the point where it should be matched, it's the 
function "ekiga_main_window_incoming_call_notify" in src/gui/main.cpp. 
I think it's a good point to start.

I proceeded checking the sources, but found nothing to help me to search contacts in address book using URI. How can I 
do this? Is there any way to obtain contacts list using "remote URI address" from ekiga address book? 

Also, it looks strange, but base "Contact" class has only two useful functions "get_name" and "get_groups", so what 
about other important contact properties like "URI". Since it's a softphone, then any contact must have an URI? or Am I 
wrong? Please help me to find the right way!

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

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