Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga address book searching by URI

Le 10/11/2010 14:09, Grigory A. Mozhaev a écrit :

When being called the incoming call should be matched with the Ekiga address book. If there is a similar record in the
address book of ekiga available, it should be shown in the incoming call popup window. In other words if SIP caller
matches one entry in the address book, then it's name should be displayed using this entry.

I've checked the sources and found the point where it should be matched, it's the
function "ekiga_main_window_incoming_call_notify" in src/gui/main.cpp.
I think it's a good point to start.

I added the needed code, it just needs the final touch.

In src/gui/main_window.cpp, it is now possible to do :

name_from_uri_helper helper (contact_core, presence_core);
std::string name = helper.search_name_for_uri (uri);

It will search the name in all addressbooks and in the full roster.

I didn't have the final GUI code because I suck so much at it...


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