Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] H.239 Support

On 18/08/10 19:12, Drew Pihera wrote:
Hello all. Here's a little background before I get into the meat of the
problem I'm asking about.

I'm a masters student at Georgia Tech in a distance learning program. My
class actually meets face to face once every 3 weeks or so for class. The
next group coming through the program will be sufficiently scattered around
the country so as to require class meetings to happen over video conference.
The distance learning folk here have decided on the ConferenceMe software
for this purpose. Problem is, they made the assumption that all students
will be using Windows. In both my group and the next, I know that there are
plenty of people using non-windows OS's.

To remedy this and to give everyone a common platform, a co-worker/student
of mine and myself put together an Ubuntu virtual machine that is to be used
by all students and professors. We had identified Ekiga as the potential
ConferenceMe replacement for this virtual machine, but are now experiencing
some resistance due to the lack of H.239 support.

In addition to being students, my co-worker and I are also software
engineers for Georgia Tech. We're interested in finding out about H.239 in
Ekiga and where it's going. We may want to look into helping get this
functionality into Ekiga. We are not experts in H.239, but we can certainly
write code.

What is the state of H.239 in Ekiga? Is anyone working on it? If so, can we
help? If not, does anyone have an idea as to the scope of such an
implementation? If I read it right, it appears that the OPAL library
supports H.239. Would it be as simple as wiring up the library to a GUI?

We have a large group here interested in helping open source projects that
we can potentially draw from.


Just to introduce myself :o) I learnt at Supelec, Metz, France, which collaborates with GeorgiaTech...

Now, glad to hear that you are interested on H.239 support. But I do not know anything about it. I think it is better to ask the same questions to voip people: opalvoip-user <opalvoip-user lists sourceforge net>. If it is really supported, then including its support on ekiga should indeed by simple.

Eugen Dedu

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