Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Setting the goals for Ekiga 3.4

Le dimanche 27 septembre 2009 à 12:38 +0200, yannick a écrit :

> I think it is a good idea to add TCP support; atm the lack of TCP
> signaling for SIP broke some setups (calls fail), and as a packager I do
> not package extra codecs (non free) because of this bug. This means
> those non free codecs are undertested (e.g. it seems latest x264 lib do
> not compile with Ekiga anymore), and we lose some interoperability with
> other software/hardware out of the box.

Agreed. However, that's more an OPAL feature and it requires serious
work on to add support for TCP and NAT traversal. I'm not sure
of the result of having 10000 active TCP connections to

> I also think we should add some automatic workarounds. e.g. for
> which only works if video is disabled. Those issues hurt
> our reputation (even if the culprit is on the registrar side for not
> supporting well enough the standard). We have discussed that with Eugen,
> and he has some ideas to not clutter much our code... /me launching the
> hot patato to Eugen ;)

I hate workarounds :-) 
Imagine we disable video for freephonie and they fix their stuff: we
will ship broken stuff.

But that's something we need to think about. Is that possible to contact
them and ask them why we are rejected when offering video?

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