Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Win32 Ekiga-3.2.6 available

Michael Rickmann a écrit :
> Am Mittwoch, den 23.09.2009, 10:00 +0200 schrieb Eugen Dedu:
>> Michael Rickmann wrote:
>>> After more than two weeks of absence I am back and will care a bit more
>>> for Ekiga's Win32 port. So first thing to do was to build the new stable
>>> release. You find the installers and how to build in
>>> .
>>> The Win32 version has two issues:
>>> 1) ptlib was patched with a workaround to let Ekiga terminate under
>>>    Vista.  This is still a to do for 3.2.7 .
>>> 2) The tray icon menu is difficult to close. Dragging a menu item onto
>>>    the desktop helps.
>> Hi Michael,
>> Excellent news!
>> I updated page yesterday,
>> but now it is already obsolete :o)  Could you take care of it (new
>> 3.2.pre6 link, is 3.0.2 still *the stable* release?)?
> Hi Eugen,
> it seems I should try to edit the Wiki page, but apparently I am too
> stupid to create an account. For me the Win32 3.2.6 is better than the

No, you're not! It is just we disabled self account creation because of
some bot. Just give me an username and i'll create you one using your email.

> 3.0.2 was and equally stable. So I would make 3.2.6 the new stable and
> put 3.0.2 into the Previous Releases. A new 3.2.pre7 will emerge next
> week adressing the tray icon. I think that has enough bandwidth
> (mirroring Debian, Ubuntu, Suse, ...), so that we can leave the files
> there.
> Michael
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