Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Win32 Ekiga-3.2.6 available

Michael Rickmann wrote:
> After more than two weeks of absence I am back and will care a bit more
> for Ekiga's Win32 port. So first thing to do was to build the new stable
> release. You find the installers and how to build in
> .
> The Win32 version has two issues:
> 1) ptlib was patched with a workaround to let Ekiga terminate under
>    Vista.  This is still a to do for 3.2.7 .
> 2) The tray icon menu is difficult to close. Dragging a menu item onto
>    the desktop helps.

Hi Michael,

Excellent news!

I updated page yesterday,
but now it is already obsolete :o)  Could you take care of it (new
3.2.pre6 link, is 3.0.2 still *the stable* release?)?


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