Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Pulse support and Networking (was Re: Reorganizing things)

Dave Allan wrote:
> Eugen Dedu wrote:
>> Dave Allan wrote:
>>> Pulse support in the SVN head as of a week or so ago is only partially
>>> functional.  When I place a call, I hear ekiga generate the ring sound
>>> until the other end picks up the call.  The other end hears only digital
>>> artifacts (soft blip-blip-blip noises) until I open the pulse audio
>>> volume control application, at which point the other end hears correct
>>> audio.  Closing the volume control application reverts to digital
>>> artifacts.  Reopening it causes audio to work again.  I never hear audio
>>> from the called party.  These behaviors are 100% reproducible.
>> Could you please use latest svn for audio volume?  As for stability, we
>> know the trunk is not stable, please wait...
> I'll wait for the trunk to stabilize and try again & let you know.

Could you at least just update ekiga to today's git and tell if the
audio works well?

>  > Yes, I think we should analyse the cases with several interfaces, there
>> is a bug report on this
>>, but this will happen
>> later, maybe in one month...
> If there's anything I can do to try to help with the test effort, let me
> know.  I seem to have one of the problematic configurations.  I don't
> have the bandwidth at the moment to learn the codebase myself, but I do
> have a build environment set up and I'm very willing to try out
> experimental patches.

Well, I do not know how to tackle these problems.  Maybe the best is to
get as much testcases as possible (search in mailing lists and ekiga
bugzilla, and maybe other -zilla too), analyse why they do not work
(comparison with other programs is welcome) based on packets exchanged,
and propose solutions...


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