Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Reorganizing things

> Sorry, it is a bad timefor me as my work is starting again; I'll have
> fewer spare time for 2 or 3 weeks...
>> (Except Peter: thanks for the nice words and help offer!)
>> Le lundi 31 août 2009 à 19:58 +0200, Damien Sandras a écrit :
>>> Dear all,
>>> It appears clearly that since a few months I can dedicate less time than
>>> before to Ekiga. During the first 5 to 6 years of the project, I was
>>> dedicating all evenings to the project and nearly all week-ends, fully.
>>> It is now impossible for me to continue developing at that pace. If we
>>> organize things in a clever way, I think it will not be a problem. My
>>> intensive work probably hide a few organization problems.
>>> We now have a few very high quality contributors: they help the project
>>> move forward will less "devotion" from myself.
>>> The purpose of this e-mail is to identify the areas where people can
>>> help and how we should work. But before identifying those areas, I would
>>> stress on the fact that my wish is to release often, but with only a
>>> limited set of new features, that are well-tested. We have seen in the
>>> past that we had worked on many new features, half-finished, and that it
>>> was hard to stabilize them before doing a release. I don't want this to
>>> happen.
> I like this idea too, 3.0 was a pain to release. Beside, network (TCP
> support) and the audio part of Ekiga (e.g. pulse audio) needs some new
> features quickly.

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